Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Self Build Diary - Day 174 - One Big Catch Up!

Well its been a fortnight since my last post. The family and I have had a weeks holiday which was a really nice break from site and to spend some catch up time with the family! its been almost 10 weeks of weekends on site and work in the week, and some family time before we head into the busy final stages of the build was just what the doctor ordered.

So a week away and a return to site just in time for an extended Jubilee weekend to catch up on bits and bobs.

The house has changed so much in the last fortnight. Most of the stud walls have plasterboard on and those that do not have insulation packed in, so you really get a feel for all of the rooms.

All of the door casings are in place and first fix electrics and plumbing are all in place and complete throughout. The builders are cracking on with the shell and have already put a massive dint in slating the roof.

This is the best photo i could manage in the confines of the tent roof! So whats happening in the next few weeks.

The underfloor heating is being installed on the upper floors and this weekend ill be boarding over the underfloor heating to protect it from damage and to provide us with our completed floor structure for the upper floors.

Next week the plasterers return to complete the boarding and start with the dot and dab boarding on the masonry walls. Hopefully we will see some windows for the ground floor and they can be installed so that the plasterers can at least skim the kitchen, ready for the kitchen fitters in a couple of weeks or so.

Anyway this was always a quick catch up and ill be back In a couple of days to give you some updates on problems and decisions and other bits in more detail!

Tent counter is truly brilliant reading though! we would be looking at doubling our build time without the tent as things stand! God bless the tent!

Days tented - 101

This is the number days that the tent has been up and there has been work planned on site

Number of Days saved to weather - 56

The number of days that work would have been called off or that work wouldn't have even started due to rain snow or temperature

No of days done ahead of untented schedule - 46

The number of days in which work has been completed on the site that wouldn't have been worked until the building had a roof on or windows in, this is number of days per trade and doesnt represent man days, if the plumbers have had 3 guys in for a week i have counted this as 5 days, essentially we would add this number of days to the end of the build in a conventional schedule.



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  4. Which kind of flooring material are you going to use? Why don´t you share some pictures of how it looks today? ;)

  5. Looks very nice allready. I seen the recent post and wow, alot has changed. Well done and thanks for sharing. I can appreciate the works that's involved in this as I work for a block management company and deal with repairs issues on a daily basis. Well done.


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